Welcome, Mouaz El Molkey!

Giovanni Panasiti

Giovanni Panasiti

October 1, 2022

Summer is gone, fall is upon us, and our pipeline is brimming with excited tech projects to start from scratch, or bring to the next level! That’s why we are growing our team of software engineers with a new entry: Mouaz El Molkey.

With a background in accounting, Mouaz has been following his passion for coding and technology since when he was in middle school (sounds familiar!). We are beyond excited to welcome Mouaz in the team, and cannot wait to see where this new addition will bring the team.

Meet Mouaz

“My name is Mouaz El Molkey, I’m a software developer specializing in web development. I graduated from Damascus University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, my Career journey start as an Accountant and I pretty much enjoyed working in this sector.

However, I had a passion for programming since I was in middle school, so meanwhile studying Accounting I started learning the basics of programming by myself. In the beginning, I learned (HTML, CSS, and PHP) and I landed my first job as WordPress Developer in 2018. I really enjoyed working as a Developer so It made me feel I needed more, so I started my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of People & I joined Microvese school where I learned (JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, Rails).

I like to spend most of my free time reading and learning new things in technology and non-technology, in addition to that I like to hit the gym every day to take care of my physical health because “A sound mind in a sound body”

Now, I’m glad I will have the chance to work with such a nice team in MdG and learning new things from them, looking forward to it.”

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