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"Brilliant software is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated. "

Our Services

Web Development

Mobile Development

Software Development

Infrastracture Design

Cloud integration

Data Analysis

Our office, the world

We are a distributed team, we can live wherever we prefer to and we are not limited by any kind of border. This is what allow us to choose only the best in the world.

Agile, Our Way

Our value proposition is simple: We are laser focused on quality of delivery, without wasting a second of your time. How we achieve it, is our secret sauce.

CO-DESIGN First and foremost, we co-design, and co-develop. If you are embarking on a project with us, expect to be on screen-share calls every two weeks to review our advancements.
Not only that, we use modern communication platforms to ensure real-time communication with our partners and clients. You’ll be onboarded in our platform and be able to see our discussions and be tagged in questions, so we can remove roadblocks as soon as they appear, not at reviews.

TEST Second, we obsessively test each and every line of our code, using state-of-the-art technologies and international best practices.

AGILE Finally, we develop agile. For real. Our meetings with our clients make use of kanban boards as agendas.
We deliver incrementally, review what has been done, and prioritize items in progress and in backlog.
No waste of time in endless meetings, no waste of time troubleshooting issues when it’s too late - our clients are in the driving seat with us.

Our Team

Francesco Cirone

Admin & Finance

Giovanni Panasiti

Software Engineer & Founder

Niccolo Cirone

Business Development & Founder


Infrastracture Architect


Front-end Developer


Data Analyst

Italian design, international quality

MdG brings to Italy t he state of the art of visual identity and digital communication. Because this is what we are. In the past years, each and every of us developed their skills working in the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland. We worked with start ups and tech giants, with multinational strategy consultancies and with golden partners of the most advanced technological standards.

MdG brings to the world the excellence of Italian design, the artisan crafting and the beauty of things well done. Because this is what we are. Born and raised together in Italy, surrounded by immortal beauty and educated to the ethics of handcrafting. Our background includes cultural project management, together with public and political communication and storytelling.

We founded MdG in 2017 to combine our experience and multiply our energy, for the exclusive benefit of our clients. We will build your digital identity and your innovation project together, with our Italian heart, and our global mind.