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Your business deserves the best digital presence possible. As a MDG client, you get the right to have every detail taken care of, but also a professional advice on what works and what doesn’t. Sketch a confused idea for us, and we will bring it to life. Tell us what you need, and we will offer to you the best solution available, with state-of-the-art technology.


Faster, better, smarter, friendlier: all the web is moving on mobile, and we think you should too. Let us help you build your mobile strategy, beyond a simple mobile-ready website. Tell us about your users, they are the real main characters here. We are obsessed by a perfect user experience, enabled by a great looking design.


We are never happier than when we can provide our clients with bespoke solution that just do the job seamlessly and beautifully. We will be happy to show you the art of possible, and build applications that are tailored to your specific needs and wishes. Moreover, we will grant to you a fast and dedicated support after the implementation, because we know that maintenance is as important as development.


No matter what you are trying to sell, an easy to use and secure online marketplace is core to the success of a business as much as the products being sold. We will offer you a seamless multiplatform solution, with impeccable security standards that you can control with the click of button.

Meet the team

Giovanni Panasiti


Giovanni is a Full Stack Developer at ENPAM (Italian pension fund for medical professionals) with experience in building complex applications both for web and mobile. He started his career as a web designer but grew up fast starting from front-end development to be a professional Full Stack.

Nicolo Canali de Rossi


Nicolò is a mathematician, currently working at Google Zurich as an anti-abuse analyst, using tons of data to prevent spam account creations at scale. When Python is not easily accessible, he is probably riding his motorbike on some curvy roads or finding inner peace with some Karate techniques.

Niccolo Cirone

Business Developer

Niccolo’ is a BI consultant with extensive experience in multiple industries. He started his career as a business development and strategy professional, and his expertise combines a sound business background with skills in the most advanced data wrangling technologies. When he doesn’t crunch data, he’s probably travelling, or planning his next adventure around the world.

Davide Maccagno

Mobile Developer

Davide is an engineer with experience in software development. He’s currently working as a mobile developer for android and iOS. In his free time he likes hiking on the Alps or hanging out with friends.

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About us

Italian design, international quality

MdG brings to Italy the state of the art of visual identity and digital communication. Because this is what we are. In the past years, each and every of us developed their skills working in the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland. We worked with start ups and tech giants, with multinational strategy consultancies and with golden partners of the most advanced technological standards.

MdG brings to the world the excellence of Italian design, the artisan crafting and the beauty of things well done. Because this is what we are. Born and raised together in Italy, surrounded by immortal beauty and educated to the ethics of handcrafting. Our background includes cultural project management, together with public and political communication and storytelling.

We founded MdG in 2017 to combine our experience and multiply our energy, for the exclusive benefit of our clients. We will build your digital identity and your innovation project together, with our Italian heart, and our global mind.

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