Agile our way

Our value proposition is simple: We are laser focused on quality of delivery, without wasting a second of your time. How we achieve it, is our secret sauce.

  • Co-design: First and foremost, we co-design, and co-develop.

  • Test: We obsessively test each and every line of our code, using state-of-the-art technologies and international best practices.

  • Deliver: We deliver incrementally, review what has been done, and prioritize items in progress and in backlog.

Our office, the world

We are a distributed, fully remote team. We find the best people, no matter where they are, and bring them together with our clients through state-of-the-art collaboration platforms.

Let’s get something done together!

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Custom Solutions for Web, Desktop and Mobile

We’ll unlock the potential of simple, custom software for your workflows, ensuring the greatest user experience to your customers.

Digital Transformation & Migration to the cloud

We’ll redesign and re-architect your legacy software with the state-of-the-art technologies, and help you migrate to the cloud.

Software Management and Maintenance

We’ll take care of your software for you, to make sure it’s always up to the challenges of your business.

Our labours of love

What we show below is just a sample of the work we are proud of. Each of these projects is for us the tangible result of a creative process, learning experience, and strive for perfection. They bring back memories of challenges overcome, lessons learnt, and all the fun and satisfaction of something well done.

Public Administrations Platform
Data Gathering for Medical Research

Meet the MdG team

A diverse set of skills and expertises, mixed together with enthusiasm and harmony

Admin & Finance
Software Engineer & Co-Founder
Business Development & Co-Founder
Software Architect
Software Engineer
Junior Software Engineer
Junior Software Engineer
Mobile and Node Developer
Wordpress Developer and DJ

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