Meet ConsultaLa: The Legal Tech start-up erasing labor law bureaucracy

Niccolo Cirone

Niccolo Cirone

October 31, 2022


MdG is the technology engine behind a few bootstrapped products and start-ups employing technology to solve problems and make life easy. Today we introduce ConsultaLa: a toolkit of software and digital services to boost and streamline the workday of labor law professionals through automation and state-of-the-art technology.


– Legal documents: An expensive, inefficient, and low value-added task

Over the course of your life, you will meet bureaucracy for several possible reasons and will seek professional help to produce formal documents and acts. The production of simple documents (letters, contracts…) is the entry point and backbone for every legal and accounting support, but it’s a low value-added task, that sum up to around two hours per day for a professional, spent away from higher value-added tasks. To cover for this waste of time, professionals charge high prices for the generation and management of such documents, while wasting their time on these low-value-added tasks. Nobody is happy.


– A skyrocketing prototype to automate the world of labor law

We started with low-hanging fruits and developed a cloud-based platform that employs carefully designed algorithms to produce legally vetted documents at the speed of a click so that the public can get their immediate needs served faster and cheaper, and professionals can focus only on the real value adds.

In two years, ConsultaLa fostered the creation of a community of over a thousand digital-savvy professionals across Italy, generating over five hundred documents per day. What makes us excited, is that the production of each one of these over 45,000 documents cut the bureaucracy for someone who – for example – was able to start their new job a few days earlier.


– ConsultaLa: A hotbed of digital transformation in the world of labor law

ConsultaLa’s team combines decades of experience in technology and legal services. MdG provides software development, product strategy, and data analytics expertise, while the rest of the team is composed of a lawyer, a licensed labor law consultant, and a professional accountant with decades of experience in the tax and legal consultancy business. ConsultaLa’s team lives and breathes law and bureaucracy, as well as technology and software development.


In 2021, ConsultaLa was selected to participate in the first cohort of the Foundersboost pre-acceleration program in Europe, allowing us to refine the vision and business model. We brought ConsultaLa from a sketch on a whiteboard to a successful business with steadily growing revenues and a passionate base of cheering customers. We are just only started: ConsultaLa is after every waste of time, with a brimming pipeline of digital services to set people free from bureaucracy distortions.


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