Security Personnel Managment

The Story

Our client has a huge security agency, with lots of operators, clients and suplliers. He needed a software to manage all these three kinds and also a way to assign a job to operator, keep track of a service they’ve sold, invoicing etc. We made it. We also made a mobile application for the oeprators to check-in and check-out from the services they have been assigned to, keep track of services and schedules.

The Problem

Our client came to us with a challenge. Being able to manage their whole workforce efficiently was the single most important part of their business, and they needed a smarter way of doing it. They were dreaming of a world where they could track the operators’ positions, assign each operator to a location, or a client, and make everything ticks with their accounting system.

Our Solution

We’ve built a solid backend solution from the ground up using Ruby on Rails. On the frontend, we used React with Redux and Flutter to build two native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Now, our client’s managers can use the web interface for assigning operators, generating invoices and send them to clients. The field operators have a modern and functional app that tracks their GPS position, shows them their schedule and shifts, and also notifies them if anything changes. Finally, we built for our client a bespoke dashboard to interact with all the data they have about clients, invoices, operators and locations, so they can see at a glance what is going on, and be more productive.