Junior Developer

  • Junior developer, graduate
  • Location: Rome
  • Term: Apprendistato, one-year renewable
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Benefits: Remote working, flexible hours, paid hours for training and development, participation to at least one industry conference, performance bonus scheme

We have a true passion for technology, and an impossible to fulfill hunger to learn and get better at what we do. We are problem solvers by nature. We are hardly happier than when we can finally get to the solution of a complex conundrum. Until then, we try anything that we know to deliver the best value in our solution. And what we don’t know, we learn. Some nights, we find ourself even dreaming about how to make our solution more elegant, or stable. Does this sound like you? Then keep reading.

About MdG

MdG brings to Italy the state of the art of software development and digital communication. Because this is what we are. In the past years, each and every of us developed their skills working in the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland. We worked with start ups and tech giants, with multinational strategy consultancies and with golden partners of the most advanced technological standards. MdG brings to the world the excellence of Italian design, the artisan crafting and the beauty of things well done. Because this is what we are. Born and raised together in Italy, surrounded by immortal beauty and educated to the ethics of handcrafting. We founded MdG in 2017 to combine our experience and multiply our energy, for the exclusive benefit of our clients. We will build your digital identity and your innovation project together, with our Italian heart, and our global mind.

Development Team

As a member of our development team at MdG, and our very first hire, you’ll be introduced to our agile development environment, and constantly exposed to our front and back-end knowledge and skills. You’ll start working for our clients from day one, but we’ll be covering your back and giving you plenty of opportunities - and paid time - to learn the ropes. Expect to get real-time feedback from our team and often from our clients - you’ll need to think creatively and to make quick course-corrections as required based on that feedback. Requirements are ever evolving so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make your mark and take on increasing responsibility as time goes on.

Our tech stack changes with the needs of the business and the state-of-the-art - currently the key technologies are React (& React Native), Node, Ruby, Flutter, Postgres, Mongo, Docker, NoSQL, AWS cloud infrastructure.

As a Junior Software Developer you’ll be involved in all areas of our core projects, working on the front and back-end of web and mobile applications at different times. Your workload is set collaboratively sprint-to-sprint, so adaptability and the ability to handle more than one project simultaneously is a key requirement. It’s also what makes life so interesting at MdG!


In terms of specifics, the list below gives an overview of some of the skills we’re looking for at the moment:

  • A good grounding knowledge of JS development on the front-end and back-end. You’re comfortable working with ES6 syntax and JS class-based code structure.
  • A good understanding of Java and Spring
  • A good understanding of RESTful API design and implementation, as well as integration with 3rd Party APIs.
  • Experience of good practice software development procedures such as source control, code review, testing and bug tracking.
  • An understanding of web technology security best-practices is a significant advantage.
  • Systematic problem-solving approach with strong verbal & written communication skills.

We evolve fast, and we learn fast. Initially, you’ll be a quick learner and eager to pick up new tech. But soon, we expect you to lead the game and tell us what we should all learn next.

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